2014 AUVC Winter Pubcrawl

 Pick a shirt, any shirt.

Pick a shirt, any shirt.

The 2014 AUVC Winter Pubcrawl will be held on the 19th of September. Make sure you put it in your calendar and RSVP on Facebook: this is a night not to be missed!

The theme for the pubcrawl is Vintage AUVC. Dig through your collection of old pubcrawl shirts to find your favourite, the one which holds the best memories, or just the one with the most graffiti on it!

If you don't have an old pubcrawl shirt handy, we're selling a variety of still-new Vintage AUVC pubcrawl shirts on our Facebook page. Just pick the one you want, select a size, and pick it up from a Wednesday Social Training.

A prize, in the form of a drink of your choice, will be given to the member who wears the oldest shirt. (Don't worry, the President is disqualified.)

NOTE: In order to make it slightly less of a headache for the pubs on our route, we'll also be requiring wristbands to identify our pubcrawl attendees for drink specials.

A wristband will set you back $5, and will be available at AUVC social trainings in the near future. Bargain!