SA State League: Round 8

We've asked the coach of each of our three teams to write up a brief summary of their game. We'll be posting these summaries each round throughout the season so that you can keep up to date with the club's performance.

Reserves Men

Brad Hocking

The Reserves Men played their best game of the season this week against the Northern Knights, going down in a close and hard-fought five sets.

Highlights were game intensity and the ability to perform well under pressure. Team morale was high throughout the game, but execution of skills was lacking in the last 2 sets.

MVP goes to Pedro Cumino for always keeping the intensity high and blocking like a champ.

Division 1 Women

Mark Eldridge

The Division 1 Women started well in their game against the top Mt Lofty team. Serve reception and blocking had both shown improvement, though sadly it wasn't enough to get the team over the line in the first two sets, which were narrowly won by Mt Lofty.

In the third set the girls played some brilliant volleyball, with aggressive serving and strong blocks coupled with excellent defence in the back court. The girls managed a well deserved victory, 25-23. Unfortunately, nerves got the better of the team in the fourth set, with a number of unforced errors giving Mt Lofty the lead, and eventually the game.

MVP goes to Elly Surman for her strong serves and excellent work in the back court, with an honourable mention to Laura Malcolm for some excellent blocking form.

Division 1 Men

Ming Tan

The Division 1 Men played Northern Knights. They started poorly, finding themselves at a four point deficit. Fortunately, the team managed to rally - reducing errors and allowing them to take the first set.

The second set followed again and was another solid effort by the team. This was capped off by a strong third set holding the opposition to 15. This meant the first 3-0 win for the Division 1 Men. Overall the team played well but there is still plenty of room to improve in the coming weeks, particularly with unforced errors. Hopefully the men can continue their form and back up with another win next week