SA State League: Round 9

We've asked the coach of each of our three teams to write up a brief summary of their game. We'll be posting these summaries each round throughout the season so that you can keep up to date with the club's performance.

Reserves Men

Brad Hocking

The reserve men got their first win of the season this weekend against the South Adelaide Panthers. The AUVC fought hard all the way to win in five sets, coming back from a 6-2 deficit at the start of the fifth set to clinch it 16-14.

Serve reception was the best so far this season enabling a very dynamic offence. Pedro Cumino starred as opposite, winning a bucket of points from back court attacks and strong serving. However, MVP for the match goes to Dan Vincent for his constant domination through the middle.

An excellent performance by the squad, not only this week, but throughout the whole season to develop into a winning team!

Division 1 Women

Konrad Pilch

The girls had a tough game against the top team USC Lion. They battled throughout the whole game and each set finished with a point difference at most three points! Unfortunately, the final set score was 3-1 for the USC girls.

On a very positive note, the girls played their best game, making very few skill errors and really gelling as a team. Special mention to captain Theresa Tung who led the team for the first set while the coach was indisposed (playing for the winning reserves men team). Another special mention to the defense, led by Libero Elly Surman, which had to deal with some very effective hitters. If the girls continue like this, they will be effective against all teams in the competition.

Division 1 Men

Andy Wong

The Division 1 men showed a good display of volleyball against Norwood. Although losing, the team played well constructing great attacks and putting up solid blocks at times, but in the end the inability to play consistently lead to the 3-1 defeat. The capability of the team to closely compete with other teams and take sets, shows the amount of progress achieved since the beginning of the season.