SA State League: Round 15

The last minor round of 2014! Unfortunately there were no wins, but the club is extremely happy with how our teams have performed over the season. The AUVC has proven that it can go toe-to-toe with the established SA clubs, and we look forward to seeing what our players can accomplish in 2015.

If you're interested in playing for the AUVC, we'd love to have you on our team! Preseason will start early in 2015 - be sure to 'like' our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group to stay updated with the latest news from the club.

Reserve Men

Brad Hocking

The reserve men finished the season with a solid game against norwood. The pace and intensity of the game was very high, and auvc were able to meet the demand. Defence was at its best of the season. The game was won and lost at the net, and unfortunately for us, norwood were stronger in both spiking and blocking, leading to a straight set loss. A great effort by the team throughout the season, and I'm very much looking forward to 2015!

Division 1 Women

Konrad Pilch

The Division 1 women played a top 4 team in Austral. With our libero rolling her ankle during the warm up and two injured players on the bench, this was going to be a difficult game. The girls showed a lot of heart and effort against a clearly experienced team. With every point, it was clear the Adelaide University girls were getting better and better and often easily matching the intensity of Austral. The difference in the end was the finishing efficiency of Austral who always seemed to win the closely contested points.

The final score was a three set loss, but one from which I hope the girls can learn due to the efforts the team took to adapt and counteract Austral's playing style. Special mention to Adriana Wlodarczyk who has really improved her hitting ability as well as Kam Bhowany and Laura Malcolm who stepped up in a passing role when needed.

Looking forward to a very strong 2015!

Division 1 Men

Ming Tan

The Division 1 men played their final game against a well balanced Norwood team. We played well during the first two sets, matching them point for point, but can up a bit short due to some small runs. Unfortunately errors crept in during our last set and we fell short.

Overall the match was a good standard and the team played well together. This year's experience should place us well to improve greatly next year!