SA State League Round 4 - Match Reports


Each week of the 2015 season, the AUVC's State League coaches will be providing a brief match report for the day's play, as well as the most valuable player from their team.

Round 4 was the last round before a two-week break, with next weekend being World League followed by the June long weekend. Our teams were keen to enter the break on a high note!

League Reserve Women

Mark Eldridge and Ming Tan

The Reserve women faced an experienced Austral side, and entered the game well with some solid hitting from Rebecca Larizza and Anna Baumgarten, and strong blocking from Laura Malcolm, Phoebe Pado, and Chloe Emery. The team showed a much more aggressive attack than their opponents, but unfortunately was let down by serving errors and couldn't manage to convert their advantage into a large enough lead to hold off the opposition. Austral managed to clinch the first set 25-23.

The next two sets were taken much more easily by Austral, with an early points deficit seeming to rattle the AUVC women and making it hard to get back into the game. An honourable mention this week goes to Yasmin Johnson for her smart and consistent setting, and to Elly Surman for her continued defensive leadership and on-court attitude. MVP goes to Rebecca Larizza for her excellent hitting combined with loud celebrations and enthusiasm which repeatedly helped drag the team out of holes.

League Reserve Men

Brad Hocking and Theresa Tung

The Reserve Men played a tough opponent this week in Mt. Lofty. The first set was primarily lost due to poor serve reception. The second was a great turnaround and was very tight, but ultimately our inability to finish points when it mattered against a very determined opponent lost us the set. The third was disappointing as we were clearly outplayed and lacked the drive to win.

On the bright side, there were 2 great outcomes from the game: firstly, Edward Pietsch was successfully used as a reliable hitting option in all rotations including back court; secondly, Max Davis managed to deliver the best serve reception performance the squad has seen all season. Rather than honourable mentions this week, I will award dual MVPs: Max Davis and Edward Pietsch.

Division 1 Women

Dan Vincent and Mark Eldridge

The Division 1 women played against Henley 1 this week in yet another remarkably close game. While the end result was a 0-3 loss, every single set was lost by just 2 points with the scores ending at 24-26, 24-26 and 23-25 respectively. Our floor defence, especially tip cover, had improved significantly from previous rounds, strongly aided by the addition of a libero to our line-up. Unfortunately, unforced errors and the inability to capitalise on free-balls ended up being our downfall.

Honourable mention to Laura Malcolm for her strong offensive presence at the net, and to Kat Karpenko for being a reliable offensive option, as well as providing consistent sets. MVP for round 4 goes to Madi Sparvell for an outstanding first game as libero, showing immense dedication, and helping lift the team’s defensive performance to a new level.

Division 1 Men A

The Division 1 Men A team had a bye this round.

Division 1 Men B

Jarrad Newbold

The second Division 1 Men team fought hard against a well established Henley Div Men Side. In 2 out of the 3 sets the boys were able to make it to 20 points however unable to close the gap. Ultimately the boys were technically outclassed, however confusion about rotations and defensive structure heavily affected the boys ability to play volleyball costing the team a few points each set.  

At their best the boys played a very strong game of volleyball, however bouts of poor concentration throughout the game hurt the boys performance and needs to be improved in future games.  Ryan Muldrew held MVP this week for his consistently strong performance throughout the game as well as his ability to rally the players together and organise them on court