SA State League - Round 1

 The AUVC Reserve Men defeat USC Lion in a hard-fought five sets!

The AUVC Reserve Men defeat USC Lion in a hard-fought five sets!

Each week of the 2015 season, the AUVC's State League coaches will be providing a brief match report for the day's play, as well as the most valuable player from their team.

Last Saturday was the first round of SA State League, and the AUVC had a solid start to the season with a win for our League Reserve Men and strong performances from our other mens and womens teams. 

League Reserve Men

Brad Hocking

A great start to the season by the Reserve Men! It was a well fought match against the high hitting USC Lion. We started the match slower than intended losing the first and third sets, but came back from behind in the fourth and fifth sets to secure the win.

Honourable mentions go to Edward Pietsch for his strong leadership and Ryan Muldrew for his solid first match as libero. MVP for round 1 goes to Brodie McDougall for his consistent setting and valuable contribution to our attack. 

League Reserve Women

Mark Eldridge

The Reserve women had a tough first game against 2014 runners-up the Norwood Bears. The team started shaky with some first-round nervousness, but held the scoreline even until some strong serving from the Bears took the first set 25-11. 

The second set started stronger with the women relaxing into the game and putting much more pressure on the Bears, narrowly losing the set 26-24. Again in the third set the AUVC showed signs of taking the initiative from the Norwood, but unfortunately let the set slip away 25-20.

Although the final set score was a 0-3 loss for the AUVC women, they showed that they can go toe-to-toe with one of the best teams in the league, and I look forward to seeing a strong performance next week. MVP for the match goes to Shannon Lambert for her strong serving and presence on court.

Division 1 Men A

Brad Hocking

A tough first game for the Division Men going down in 5 against Norwood. The team started well, winning the first 2 sets showing dominance in serving, serve reception and attack. Unfortunately, Norwood stepped up their front court game in the second half of the match and the AUVC did not respond to the challenge. Honourable mentions go to Max Davis for his dominant front court attacks and Jon for his great first match as libero. MVP for round 1 goes to Ming Tan for a solid setting performance and strong front court presence to back it up.

Division 1 Men B

Brad Hocking

Good first game by the Division Men against a solid opposition in Henley. Although losing in 3 sets, all sets were well fought and close. Our lack of experience on the court was ultimately the problem which will only improve as the weeks progress. Honourable mentions go to Konrad Pilch for his all-round solid performance and to Halim Darwish for his excellent serve reception and aggressive front court presence. MVP for round 1 goes to Tom Mansfield for his solid setting and unbeatable front court aggression.

Division 1 Women (0-3)

Dan Vincent

The Division 1 Women played their first game for the season this week, against Henley 2. While the end result was a 0-3 loss, there were many stages where our intensity and aggression were unmatched, and we looked in a strong position to take the set. However, we weren’t able to maintain this aggression for an entire set and Henley often just pulled away from us in the dying moments with a few good serving runs.

Some strengths of our game were floor defence and consistent setting. A key weakness proved to be our serving, which meant we had limited ability to string multiple points together. MVP for the game goes to Kat Karpenko for her numerous, reliable, aggressive serving runs, as well as strong, consistent setting.