SA State League Round 11 - Match Reports

Reserves Men

Lofty def AUVC 3-0

The reserve men played a tough match this week against the top-of-the-table Mt. Lofty. Our offensive presence was strong but ultimately a high error count in serve reception, setting and spiking resulted in the straight set loss. 

Honourable mentions this week go to Dan Vincent and Brodie McDougall for their efforts in restricting the Mt. Lofty attack. MVP this week goes to Edward Pietsch for maintaining some stability in a very inconsistent team performance.

Reserves Women

Austral def AUVC 3-1

The Reserve Women faced Austral Phoenix this week. The AUVC started strongly in the first set, with aggressive serving and blocking resulting in a 10-point lead. Austral recovered well in the latter part of the set, but the AUVC women held on to their lead and took the first set 25-19.
The second set saw Austral bounce back, with the AUVC unable to make points against strong blocking and defensive work by Austral. Austral took the second and third sets comfortably, and the final set 25-19. An honourable mention goes to Madi Sparvell for her strong serving and back court presence. MVP for round 11 is Shannon Lambert for her on-court leadership and aggressive use of broken plays.

Division 1 Women

Austral def AUVC 3-2

The Division 1 women came up against Austral for the third and final time this round. While we were missing a large number of players from the squad, we still managed to deliver an outstanding performance that was both exciting and nerve-wracking to watch. The game ended up going to 5 sets after we were able to secure the 2nd and 4th sets with the help of aggressive serving and solid defence. The 5th set went right down to the wire, but unfortunately Austral grasped it at 15-13.

Honourable mentions this week go to Kat Karpenko for effective hitting and consistent setting, as well as to Simone Robertson for strong, reliable serving and great work in defence. MVP for this round goes to Madi Sparvell for a stand-out performance in defence and serve reception as well as strong, effective serving and hitting.

Division 2 Men (1 & 2)

AUVC (1) def AUVC (2) 3-0

In the first showdown of the season, both teams took a set to warm-up with errors leading the way in the beginning. The second and third sets were a better display of volleyball with increased communication within the Div (2) squad and increased consistency within the (1) squad. Ultimately, the consistency and offensive dominance of the (1) squad proved too good on the day. 

Honourable mentions for go to Tom Mansfield for another great all-round performance and to Daniel Zakeri for his strong offence.

MVP of (2) squad goes to Mehdi Mohammadi for his consistent game and offensive aggression.

MVP of (1) squad goes to Max Davis for his consistent serve reception and front court dominance.