SA State League Round 8 - Match Reports

Reserve Men

USC Lion def AUVC 3-0

The reserve men played a close game this week against USC. With a significant number of players out, the team had to adapt to a new rotation against the high hitting USC. Unfortunately, serve reception quality and spike efficiency were not high enough to win the match. 

Honourable mentions this week go to George Sainsbury for his effectiveness through the middle and to Tom Mansfield for stepping up and delivering a quality pass-hitter performance. MVP for round 8 goes to Brodie McDougall for his consistent single setting.

Reserve Women

Norwood def AUVC 3-0

The League Reserve Women played the Norwood Bears this weekend.  The team got off to a slow start, finding themselves in an early deficit. The team managed to improved as the match progressed. However it wasn't enough as Norwood proved to be too consistent for our women this week as we went down 0-3.

An honorable mention goes to Phoebe Pado for her strong front court presence. The MVP for Round 7 is Rebecca Larizza, for her consistent play in both defence and offense throughout the match.

Division 2 Men (1)

USC Lion def AUVC (1) 3-2

The division men delivered a nail-biting game as they took on the consistent USC team; as each team dominated a short run of points before the opponent came right back to even the score. Although morale remained high throughout the game, patches of service errors in the last set allowed USC to ultimately sneak away with the win. 

Honourable mention to Matthew Chan whose tactical serving enabled the team to pull ahead from USC in a number of tight spots. MVP for round 9 goes to Konrad Pilch for his consistent setting and strong serving runs, whilst exhibiting strong leadership throughout the game to rally team spirit and morale.

Division 2 Men (2)

Henley (1) def AUVC (2) 3-0

The division men played a tough match against Henley this week. For the majority of the match, we were point-for-point with the in form Henley team. Unfortunately, patches of poor serve reception and low communication resulted in the straight set loss. 

Honourable mentions go to Tom Mansfield for his setting and leadership, and to Matt Rayner for his front court aggression. MVP for round 8 goes to Mehdi Mohammadi for his aggression in the middle and outside.

Division 1 Women

Austral def AUVC 3-1

The Division 1 women had a close game this week against Austral, with a final result of a 1 - 3 loss. In the first set we managed to push the score out to 25-25 but unfortunately couldn’t put the final few points on the board when we needed them, and Austral claimed the set. However, we fought back in the second and by utilising our strong offensive options we were able to take it. From there we seemed to lose a bit of intensity and momentum, Austral capitalised on this and went on to win the final 2 sets.
Honourable mentions this week go to Madi Sparvell for solid work in defence and serve reception, as well as to Rebecca Larizza for being a very strong presence at the net. MVP for round 8 goes to Theresa Tung for reliable consistency, and effective use of the ball, both at the net and in defence.