SA State League Div 2 Men Preliminary Final - Match Report

Division 2 Men

Austral def AUVC (1) 3-2

(20:25, 22:25, 25:14, 25:18, 19:17)

It was a hard fought preliminary final from the division A men.

We started strong, taking the first 2 sets. Austral then picked up their game lead by their relentless offensive pressure. The third and fourth sets were less than ideal. The squad dug deep and came out firing in the 5th, leading for the majority of the set. However, after losing 2 match points of our own and fighting off 3 match points of Austral, AUVC lost the 5th 17-19. It was not the way we wanted the season to end, but as captain Max put it: “We left everything on the court”.

I’m reluctant to name individuals as the whole team put in so much effort, but the stand out player, leading the way in enthusiasm and offensive pressure, was MVP Max Davis. A great season by the division A squad being the first AUVC team to make finals. In bad news, we lost and our season is over – in good news, preseason has started a week early!

Written By Brad Hocking.