SA State League Round 15 - Match Reports

Reserve Men

AUVC def Knights 3-0

An interesting match by the reserve men this week. We took the first 2 sets easily 25-7 and 25-15. This led to overconfidence in the squad heading into the third set. Hitting errors and complacency in defence were the cause of us needing to defend 2 set points before finally taking the set 29-27.

Honourable mentions go to Ryan Muldrew for a solid serve reception game and to Dan Vincent for stepping up our middle attack. MVP for round 15 goes to Edward Pietsch for leading the squad to 5th place on the ladder.

Reserve Women

AUVC def Knights 3-1

The League Reserve women had their first win for the season, taking down the Northern Knights in four sets. The AUVC had a strong start to the game, winning the first set comfortably. The Knights rallied in the second set to take a significant point lead and level the score at 1-1, although a late comeback made them work hard for the set.

The AUVC women took the next two sets in a great display of volleyball, and with their best performance as a team for the season. Every player performed well in their role, but one player in particular deserves credit for their outstanding work in serve reception, defence, and communication. MVP for the final round of 2015 goes to Elly Surman.

It's been a tough maiden season for the AUVC League Reserve Women. The team has improved immensely since the beginning of the year, and it was good to see them take a well-deserved victory in their final match. I look forward to seeing how we improve over the off-season, and taking the lessons learned into 2016!

Division 1 Women

Norwood def AUVC 3-0

The Division 1 women played their final game for the season against a strong Norwood side this week. Unfortunately the final score was a 0-3 loss but we managed to stay competitive in every set, pushing Norwood, and showing how much we have improved over the year. 

Every player stepped up this week and delivered a strong team performance with particular great performances in serving and offense.

Division 2 Men (1)

AUVC def Austral 3-1

An inconsistent start to the match led mainly by spike error and a lack of effective communication. We lost the 1st set and narrowly won the 2nd. The AUVC then picked up the pace in the 3rd and 4th comfortably winning the match.

Honourable mentions go to Matt Chan for another excellent performance, especially when spiking, and to Dan Emery for a solid blocking and spiking game. MVP for round 15 goes to Ming Tan for providing consistent and intelligent sets.

Division 2 Men (1) & Division 2 Men (2)

AUVC (1) def AUVC (2) 3-0

Showdown II was a fairly one sided affair with Division A winning comfortably in straight sets, cementing their 2nd place on the ladder. A lack of effective communication hurt the division B team who had periods of great volleyball, but couldn’t execute consistently throughout the match.

Honourable mentions go to Matt Rayner (Div B) for excellent serving pressure and to Ryan Muldrew (Div A) for dominating through the middle. MVP of Division A goes to Max Davis for leading the way in a solid win. MVP of Division B goes to Tom Mansfield for being the main source of communication and enthusiasm on court.