SA State League Round 3 - Match Reports

League Reserve Men

Norwood def AUVC 3-1

It was another tough week for the AUVC reserve men playing a strong Norwood squad. The level of volleyball displayed in this match was some of the best I have seen at a reserves. The match was close, but in the end, Norwood went home with a 3-1 victory. Our below par serving, serve reception and spike effectiveness contributed to the loss and these will be a focus moving forward through this season. 

Honourable mentions to Michael Murphy for his consistent setting and to Brennan Howie for passing well when he had the chance. 

MVP for round 3 goes to Oliver Pyke for his dominant blocking and spiking.

League Reserve Women

Norwood def AUVC 3-1

The AUVC reserve women went up against Norwood this week.

Norwood had a strong side with a lot of experience however the AUVC women fought hard and lost in 4.

Honourable mentions this week goes to Rebecca Larizza for strong front court offence and a good service run  at a key point in the third set that helped us take that set.

Match MVP goes to Charlotte Vince for high effort defence and consistent setting throughout the game.

Division 1 Men

Norwood def AUVC 3-0

Unfortunately no match report was available at time of publishing.

Division 1 Women

AUVC def Norwood 3-1

Round 3 provided another 5 set nail biter for the AUVC Division Women with a better result this week, beating a strong Norwood team. The team was asked to come out with strong communication and energy which they provided throughout the match. 

Honourable mentions goes to our two middles, Shannon Schulz and Tori Long. We are still looking to work them into our offence more, but they provided strong play at the net, were ready for hits when they were set, and provided excellent serving and defence. 

MVP goes to Rachael Lawrance for leading by example with great energy, communication, effort, and consistent play. She set the tone for the team, helping us win in a long 5 setter. 

Division 2 Men (Round 2)

Northern Knights def AUVC 2-1

Unfortunately no match report was available at time of publishing.