SA State League Round 4 - Match Reports

League Reserve Men

AUVC def South Adelaide 3-0

It was a strong performance this week by the AUVC reserve men, defeating South Adelaide in straight sets. South put up a good fight but ultimately it was our strength at the net that proved too good for our opponents. There were aspects of our game that could use improvement including serve reception, spike options and use of the middles in offence. But overall - a great result.

Honorable mentions go to Dan Vincent for performing well through the middle and to Edward Pietsch for stepping up his front court game. 

MVP this week again goes to Oliver Pyke for dominating in the front court.

League Reserve Women

South Adelaide def AUVC 3-1

The game started slow with our League Reserve Women making poor offensive decisions.  As the game progressed the women played gradually better volleyball however ultimately lost in 4 sets.

Honourable mentions to #23 and Rebecca Larizza for continued offensive pressure and her post game attire changing ritual.

MVP this week goes to Madi Sparvell for maintaining high levels of communication throughout the game and promoting a positive attitude within the team.

Division 1 Men

South Adelaide def AUVC 3-2

This week saw the div 1 men's take on the league leader South Adelaide. After a strong start and some excellent play through the middle we were able to secure two sets off of south but unfortunately after leading in the fifth we went down 13-15.

Honourable mentions to Ming Tan for his very great defensive effort and Tom Mansfield for his work through the middle.

This weeks MVP goes to Adam Bowering, for his setting constancy and fantastic setting options.

Division 1 Women

AUVC def South Adelaide 3-1

Round 4 had the AUVC Division Women going against a strong Southern Adelaide squad. The women won in 4 sets with a large 9 point comeback win in the 4th set to close the match out. While the comeback win for the match was great it was a match we should have won in 3, so hopefully the women will close out these matches earlier and not give the other teams a chance to get back in it. 

Honourable mention goes to Rebecca Proctor who has been improving every game and had a great serve receive and hitting match. 

MVP of the match goes to Charlotte Vince who again provided an all around game as both a setter and pass hitter.

Division 2 Men (Round 3)

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-0

Unfortunately no match report was available at time of publishing.