SA State League Match Report - Round 10

League Reserve Men

Norwood def AUVC 3-1

A very close match this week by the reserve men against top-of-the-table Norwood. We narrowly lost the first 2 sets due to a higher than desirable error count. The third set was solid, showing that we could be the dominant team when we approached the match clinically. Fourth set was again close but ultimately lost.

Honourable mentions go to Edward Pietsch and Ryan Muldrew for impressive all round performances.

MVP this round goes to Oliver Pyke for stepping up his offensive presence with some very impressive spikes.

League Reserve Women

AUVC def Norwood 3-2

Unfortunately no match report was available at time of publishing.

Division 1 Men

AUVC def Norwood 3-0

This week saw some of the best volleyball from the div men's team this season.  Lead from a very well rounded defensive performance we were able to capitalize winning the game in straight sets.

The team was able to change to a completely new line up and responded really well.

MVP this week goes to Ming Tan for his vast improvement as a Libero and for stepping up his defensive presence leading our team to its strongest game to date.

Division 1 Women

AUVC def Norwood 3-0

This week the AUVC Div 1 Women took on Norwood, winning in 3 straight sets. Each set we started off slow giving a lead to Norwood but were able to come back through strong defensive play. A goal this game was to get our middles more involved in the offence and we were able to get multiple strong hits out of the middle each set. Overall very solid game by the girls.

Honourable mention goes to both middles Shannon Schulz and Tori Long for being ready to hit the A balls throughout the game and setting great blocks for our defense to play around. 

MVP goes to our captain Rachael Lawrence for a great offensive game. She was setting great, including getting our middles involved, and was strong on the attack as well.

Division 2 Men

AUVC def Norwood 2-1

The Norwood Bears proved to be a strong team with their consistent hitting pressure, however, the AUVC men were able to hit back and pick up their hit attempts.
In the first set the AUVC took momentum and rarely let it go. The set finished 25-23 in AU’s favour. 

The second set was finished in a 25-22 in AU’s favour. That set could have finished more comfortably, however, Norwood bears had a service streak which took a few points to break, but once the AUVC men broke it, the set was then secured.

The third set finished 23-25 in Norwood’s favour. This set was lost due to a few too many mistakes by the AUVC men, but still quite a solid set.
The fourth set was played out but was tied at 11-11 when the time had ran out.

For this week, the honourable mentions go to the whole team, as everyone played a very consistent and aggressive game, with composure always kept and momentum rarely shifting to the opponents favour.

MVP for this game goes to Finn McIntyre for his consistent sets, hitting pressure and overall court movement.