SA State League Round 12 - Match Reports

League Reserve Men

AUVC def Henley 3-1

A solid match this week by the AUVC reserve men. First 2 sets were very convincing wins, but Henley picked up their game for the 3rd and 4th with the match eventually going to AUVC 28-26 in the 4th.

Honourable mentions go to Oliver Pyke for again destroying the opposition offence and to Ryan Muldrew for a solid match as libero.

MVP for round 12 goes to Dan Vincent for an outstanding blocking and serving game.

League Reserve Women

AUVC def Henley 3-0

The AUVC Reserve Women took on the Henley Hawks this week and won 3-0. AUVC maintained control throughout the match by keeping the offensive pressure on Henley, through hits and serving, not allowing them to get their offense running. The first two sets saw AUVC give less than ideal effort on defence, but they rallied and worked hard going for every ball in the third set. 

Honourable mentions goes to both middles, Charlene Bowering and Laura Malcolm, for being ready at all times to be used on offense and providing an excellent option out of the middle for us. 

MVP goes to Harriet Berman, who provided the consistent and strong hitting and serving that kept Henley on their back feet throughout the match. 


Division 1 Men

AUVC def Henley 3-2

This week saw the guys take on a much stronger Henley Hawks team, a strong start saw the guys take the first set. After the first set it was an arm wrestle as both sides gave everything they had to gain an edge. Fortunately for our guys we were able to rally late in the fifth taking the match 3-2

MVP this week goes to Max Davis for preserving offensively and coming big in the closing set

Division 1 Women

Henley def AUVC 3-0

The AUVC Div 1 Women went against Henley Hawks this week. Henley is the only team that AUVC has not had a win against this year, losing their first matchup. Despite the motivation to beat the last team we haven't had a win against this year, Henley played a strong game and beat AUVC 3-0. 

The Hawks provided a very consistent and low error attack while AUVC struggled with winning points and giving up points through errors throughout the match. While disappointing to not get the win it will serve as a great learning experience on how to deal with a team that plays such a low error game.

Honorable mention goes to Rachel Lawrence, who didn't play her best game of the year but was putting in a strong effort and staying loud and positive throughout the match.

MVP goes to Eliza Bartel for being one of most consistent players in a game with a few to many errors. 

Division 2 Men

Norwood def AUVC 3-0

Last weeks match against Norwood was tough. All three sets were close, but ultimately lost due to inconsistent hitting and passing.

MVP for this week goes to Oscar Harper for a solid run through the middle and a great passing game