SA State League Match Reports - Round 14

League Reserve Men

AUVC def Austral 3-0

Another solid match by the AUVC reserve men this week with a straight set victory over Austral. Our opponents played well in the first set but couldn’t match our clinical and aggressive style of play that won us the set 25-13. The second set was a similar score line thanks our strong defence and a string of Austral errors. The final set was closer but ultimately went our way thanks to the contribution of every player in the squad.

Honourable mentions go to Waley Chan for an excellent serve reception match and to Brodie McDougall for consistent blocking and offensive pressure.

MVP for round 13 goes to Michael Murphy for wise and well executed setting options.

League Reserve Women

AUVC def Austral 3-2

A very close game, with the early sets dominated by errors made by both sides. As the game went on intensity from both teams picked up and resulted in a 5th set being played. 

Initially down in the 5th the Adelaide side was able to rally behind a few strong kills and blocks to take the win. 

MVP goes to Rebecca Larizza for a dominating performance at the net and consistent backcourt defence.

Division 1 Men

AUVC def Austral 3-1

This week saw the div one men take on Austral. After a hard fought first few sets we were able to take the lead 2-1 heading into the fourth set. Finishing with a strong offensive and defensive fourth set performance the team took out the fourth in convincing style.

Full credit to all the guys who each and every one of contributed to a fantastic must win game.

This week the MVP goes to Matt Rayner for providing the spark at the net that lead to our crucial win!

Division 1 Women

Austral def AUVC 3-1

This week the AUVC Division 1 women went against Austral. Austral is fighting for a finals spot and came out strong, winning the first set in decisive fashion. AUVC rallied to win the 2nd set but Austral used strong serving to win the 3rd and 4th.

Honorable mention goes to Rebecca Proctor for a strong all around match.

MVP goes to Tori Long for an excellent match out of the middle. Along with being strong at the net she provided some great serving runs and even passing.

Division 2 Men

AUVC def Adelaide Spiker 2-

AUVC lost the first set due to not being focused and not being able to better the ball. They went on to win the second set 25 - 5 once they began to focus. The third set was lost and was very close. The final set finished in AUVC's favour which meant, the game went down to points, which was won by AUVC.

Honourable mentions, Ollie Williams and Finn McIntyre for their consistent setting.

MVP goes to Brodie Jackson for his net presence and aggressive play.

AUVC def Knights 3-0

AUVC took control of the game from the very beginning, with aggressive and consistent serves, finding a rotation which worked and stayed with it and also had a very strong spiking presence from the whole team.

Honourable mentions, Simon Pratt and Oscar Estrada for their backcourt coverage and another honourable mention to Oscar Harper for his middle attacking presence.

MVP goes to Finn McIntyre for his serving presence with a best of 11 consecutive serves.