SA State League Match Reports - Round 15

League Reserve Men

AUVC def USC Lion 3-1

The AUVC reserve men took on USC lion this week which was a preview of the elimination final to take place in the first round of finals. AUVC struggled at the start, going 8 points down early in the first. It was mainly uphill from there, narrowly losing the first but taking the second and third comfortably. The fourth set was close due to USC’s blocking strength, but our guys lifted at the crucial moments and took the match in 4.

Honourable mentions go to Michael Murphy for executing another solid offensive match and to Ryan Muldrew for his consistent spikes.

MVP for round 15 goes to Brodie McDougall for his solid blocks and for contributing to a number of isolation play in offence.

League Reserve Women

USC Lion def AUVC 3-1

This weekend RW played USC in their 3rd bout for the year with a 2-0 record with both games having gone to 5 sets

The first set the AUVC women had good form and played well to win the set.

In the second set the AUVC women held a 7 point lead however was unable to maintain it and lost.  The following 3rd and fourth sets were close but ultimately went to USC.  

MVP goes to Harriet Berman for consistent service reception and outstanding site out.

Division 1 Men

USC Lion def AUVC 3-0

A great effort from the div 1 men team this week but a dissapoint loss 3-0. The score board doesnt reflect how close the match was with each set being decided by only a couple of points. 

Honourable mentions to Alexei Fey who got us back into the match in the third set with agressive service pressure. Also an honourable mention to George Sainsbury for providing strength through the middle and leadership to guide the team. 

MVP this week goes to Max Davis for his strong offensive performance and service pressure to bring the team back from 8-0 down in the last set.


Divison 1 Women

AUVC def USC Lion 3-1

This week the Adelaide University division 1 women took on USC. The first two sets the girls started off a bit slow, managing to win the first and lose the second. After losing the second set the girls woke up and started playing with the energy they brought in the beginning of the season, playing great defence, and communicating well. This led to the girls winning the next 2 sets handily for the win.

Honourable mention goes to Eline Baudet who had a good game out of middle and was one of the leaders of getting the energy back onto our side.

MVP goes to Rebecca Proctor who had her best offensive game of the season, providing multiple serving runs that helped win us the match.

Division 2 Men

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-0

The Div 2 men played the Mt Lofty team this week who are currently leading the competition without losing a set. Our team started out pretty slow, barely keeping up with the Mt Lofty serves and losing 10-25. The next two sets were significantly better but both were still lost 22-25 and 24-26 respectively.

There were solid performances from all positions this week in the last two sets, but the MVP goes to Elvio Sinopoli for his consistent setting and defensive efforts.