SA State League Match Reports - Preliminary Finals

League Reserve Men

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-1

A great season has come to an end in the Prelim final against Mt. Lofty. The AUVC Reserve Men shook off a poor first set to take the second set in an excellent show of composure. Unfortunately, a string of errors and sub-par plays resulted in Mt Lofty progressing to the Grand Final. It has been a pleasure to coach such a great bunch of guys, and I look forward to seeing what they can do in the league division in 2017.

Honourable mentions for the prelim final go to Ryan Muldrew for his consistent and aggressive serve reception, and to Edward Pietsch for another influential match.

MVP goes to Dan Vincent for excellent work through the middle.


Division 2 Men

AUVC def Norwood 3-1

The AUVC div 2 men played their first un-timed final last week against Norwood. Both teams started off quite well with a fairly even match-up in most areas of play. Having beaten AUVC multiple times before the Norwood side came slightly unprepared and ultimately lost 3-1 to the in-form AUVC team.

The game was without doubt AUVC div 2’s best so far with everyone playing their respective positions superbly. As such it was quite difficult to choose an MVP.

However, the MVP for last week goes to Oscar Estrada for a brilliant serve reception and defensive game without which we would likely have not done so well.

AUVC Division 2 Men will face off against Mt Lofty TOMORROW NIGHT at Kensington YMCA.  Please see the FACEBOOK EVENT for more details!