SA State League Round 2 - Match Reports

Division 2 Men (Round 1)

Adelaide Diverse Strikers def AUVC 2-1

The Div 2 men lost a tight match against The Strikers this week. We started off a bit slow and let the Strikers get ahead early with a 2 set lead.

Intensity picked up in the 3rd set allowing us to easily take the set. The match finished with us having all the momentum, proving that the team can play at a high standard.

Special mentions to Leon Alpereanu for his excellent backcourt as Libero and Winston Anto for his blocking.

MVP goes to Bochan Kim for his consistent passing and hitting.

League Reserve Men

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-2

We came up against Lofty in round two of reserves this week, well aware of how good they were last year we knew not to underestimate their quality. The first two sets didn’t go to plan, we weren’t playing the volleyball we knew we were capable of and we lost the first two sets quite convincingly. The only positive occurred towards the back end of the second set, where we started showing signs of controlling the game. Set three started positively, the boys got out to an early lead and never looked back. The momentum had shifted in our favour, and we started playing some great quality volleyball. We won the next two sets, the fourth in particular by quite a margin.

Coming into the fifth with all the momentum we lost a few early points to errors and some good offensive play by Lofty. Their experienced side didn’t look back from there, and after an incredible dig off the foot of their libero, they took the fifth set 15-12.

The boys showed great resilience in the third and fourth sets to get themselves back into the game and seriously give them a chance of winning, but ultimately Lofty got over the line due to some big plays from experienced players.

Honourable mentions go to Callan Bray and Alex Rogan for stepping into roles within the team they weren’t used to.

The MVP for this week goes to Ryan Muldrew, for his fantastic presence at the net and solid serve receive game. 

Division 1 Women

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-2

This week the Division 1 Women played Mt Lofty! After a really good start to the match AUVC controlled the first two sets with a strong serving and hitting performance. However Mt Lofty fought back and eventually proved two strong and won in 5 sets

Lots to improve on but a great game from the girls they all should be really proud!

League Reserve Women

AUVC def Mt Lofty 3-1

Round 2 had Adelaide University Reserve Women up against last years winners Mount Lofty. Lofty had gone all of last year only dropping one match, so it figured to be a great test of our girls. 

Sets 1 and 2 our girls came out strong and prevented Lofty from going on any big runs. Our defence stymied their attack and behind strong serving on our end won both sets 25-22.

The third set Lofty brought a bit extra pressure and managed to take the lead early and slowly build on it throughout. Excellent resilience by AUVC and no major runs were given to Lofty but they consistently took points here and there to win 25-18

The fourth set was very back and forth with Adelaide U's defence again shining, giving very few points and forcing many errors. After being back and forth all set Adelaide U took the set 25-23 giving the girls a 3-1 victory over Lofty.

Honourable mention for the match goes to Rebecca Larizza who provided a bit of everything. Excellent serve receive, hitting, defence and blocking. 

MVP goes to Peytan Zanck for being a key player in the big moments. Providing big blocks when we needed stops and excellent service runs to take the lead she was a force out of the middle.

Division 1 Men

Mt Lofty def AUVC 3-1

For Div 1 Mens a 3-1 loss to Lofty is a tough second week.

Our entire focus at the moment has to be intensity, the team is quiet at our best and almost silent at our worst.

Special mentions to Bochan Kim for consistent calling in back court and Daniel Emery who was on fire with his outside hitting.

MVP goes to Brad Pedler for for absolutely rock-solid serving with an almost 15 point run in the 3rd set.

League Men

Austral def AUVC 3-0

The AUVC League Men played Austral this week in their second match of the year.  After a relatively close 1st and second set we went down to Austral 0-3.  

Their were an unacceptable number of service errors and serve receive errors throughout the game.  Motivation and spirit were low throughout the game.

We will be training hard to have a better showing the next time we play Austral in Round 9.