SA State League Round 3: Match Reports

Division 2 Men (Round 2)


The div 2 men lost 3-0 this week to Flinders. The lads were aware of the strong hitting Flinders has been known to put up but gave them a hard time in the first set falling short with a score of 20-25.

After the first set the intensity dropped a bit and Flinders got a few good runs which caused the boys to drop their heads.

Honourable mentions to Alexei for his smart and consistent setting and the partnership between Monty and Roy in the front court.

MVP this week was Monty for his blocking, smart ball placement when hitting and the will to hit the court for every ball.

League Reserve Men


We came up against Norwood in round three of reserves this week, whom we knew were going to be a massive test for us. The first two sets, much like last week, didn’t go to plan. We played very poor volleyball with a lot of our struggles coming from not being able to side out and maintain runs of serve. Due to this, we lost the first two sets convincingly. There were glimmers of how we should be playing throughout these sets, but we never seemed to stay on top. Set three was a major postive and we came out firing, having lead for most of the set we looked like clutching the set. However, we made things hard for ourselves at the end of the set with a late service streak from Norwood and a lot of our errors levelling the game up at 24-24. It took a few good serves and strong kills to finally give us the third set 27-25. 
The fourth set we tried to stay on a roll but unfortunately, this high was short lived with Norwood running away with the game due to strong kills on their side and a lot of scrappy errors on our behalf. 

Our boys showed great fight in the third set to get themselves back into the game after looking well and truly out of it. The game was not our greatest performance, but there were many glimpses of good volleyball and we look to come out strong this weekend. 

Honourable mentions go to Callan Bray with some smart serving and aces in tough moments and Ryan Muldrew with some solid hits. The MVP for this week goes to Oscar Harper, for his smart use of the volleyball at the net, defensive digs and touches.

Division 1 Women


After a strong start, and a strong serving run, the girls played really well and won the first set. Unfortunately, they lost this momentum and the next 3 sets fell to Norwood. 

The girls fought hard, but unfortunately couldn't take the game into a fifth set.

League Reserve Women


Match report unavailable at the time of publishing.

Division 1 Men


Div 1 Men lost to Norwood in a painful 3-0 game this week.

The first two sets were badly lost, a lack of communication and overall team cohesion let Norwood take control of the match.

The third set we finally picked up and started out very strong. We managed to reach a 10 point lead, but unfortunately, let it slide towards the end of the set and ended up just losing it. However, it was a good demonstration of the level of volleyball that we can play at when the team gels.

Honourable mention to Jarrad Newbold for his consistent passing.
MVP goes to Alexei Fey for his confident play.

League Men


Match report unavailable at the time of publishing.