SA State League Match Reports: Round 5



This week Div 2 came up against South and unfortunately lost. The game just did not go the lads way and it was unfortunate because South did not seem to be playing particularly well.

Backcourt was stumbling over (for which I take responsibility due to trying out new positioning) and frontcourt did not seem to be willing to swing at anything.

To their credit, the lads did not drop their heads or at any point give up. It was great to watch.

MVP goes to Josip this week as he has been put into libero and has made an effort to get to every ball that comes near him.



For round 5 Adelaide University faced off against the Austral Pheonix in an early morning game. Adelaide came out a bit sluggish in the first set but managed to play well enough to win 25-22.

The second set had Austral put more pressure on the girls, getting a lead mid game and maintaining it to the end beating Adelaide 25-20

Third set Adelaide U and Austral went back and forth throughout the game, but at the end Adelaide started to really pick up their play and energy and pulled out the exciting 26-24 win. 

Fourth set Adelaide U came out strong, continuing the energy and play from the end of the third set. Very solid game with a lot of blocks from our middles on their outside hitters, leading to a comfortable 25-17 win.

Honourable mention goes to Charlene Bowering who had a very solid blocking game, even six packing one of the Austral players on a big kill block. Honourable mention also goes to Eliza Bartel who played an excellent game in the libero position, making great reads on defence. MVP goes to Charlotte Vince who had an incredible all-around game. Very high kill percentage with excellent defence and serve receive.



This week the Reserve Men played Austral in a game we knew would be challenging. Austral came into the game with two players from their league side, which was noted by our boys to cause some difficulty. The game was quite a weird one for us as we played some of the poorest volleyball to come out of this playing squad, followed by undoubtedly the best.

The result didn't end up going our way with us going down in five, however, some great lessons were learnt. We now know we have the capability to really take it to teams who, on paper, have a stronger line-up than us. When we click as a team, some of the volleyball is of an exceptional standard which was shown in patches. We will work on applying this quality over extended periods of time so that when we come into five set matches, we can end up on top.

The honourable mention for this game goes to Brodie Jackson, for having a fantastic mental game with a lot of heat coming from the other side of the net and playing consistent volleyball. The MVP for this week is Max Davis, as he showed great composure in tight situations throughout the game and really came through when we needed him most.



Div 1 women lost to Austral 1-3 this week at Kensington.

In the first set, we started out strong but struggled to find consistent service pressure to force a run of points. Austral came out firing in the second set, which highlighted their service pressure and why Austral is so strong this year. AU rallied, and held together nicely during a close third set, and came out triumphant 28-26. With our heads lifted, we continued with energy well into the third set until ultimately our service errors were too high in comparison to the consistent Austral squad, and we lost 25-19.

I'm proud to see an AU team stay mentally strong throughout the match and continue to play our game even when down in points. Going forward, the squad needs to learn from Austral and work on service reception to avoid runs of points against us. If we can minimise lost points on our side of the net, we can pass the pressure back to their side and run a more effective offence. Other areas of improvement include setters and middles synchronising more effectively and the ability for every squad member to consistently serve in under pressure.

Honourable mentions go to Simone Robertson for solid serve reception and Rachael Lawrence for rallying the girls in tough situations. MVP this week goes to Eline Baudet for her consistency in both offensive and defensive plays, with great movement to the ball in backcourt.



Match report unavailable at the time of publishing.



After a weak start, with the first two sets being characterised by a lack of energy and motivation with weak defensive errors and generalised frustration the rotation was changed. The AUVC men then came back to win in five sets, in our greatest comeback of the year. 

Honourable mentions go to Brodie Jackson for excellent offence through the middle and Adam Winter for being our highest scorer of the match. MVP this week goes to Jade Walsh for bringing a fighting attitude to the team and great defensive efforts.