SA State League Match Reports: Round 12



This week league men played knights in their second match of the year with the first being a nail biting 5 setter. The match was won with ease in 3 sets. Overall the boys played very well and the game was a great example of the improvement of the squad over the season. Mvp this week goes to Trent Woodward for keeping high intensity and strong form throughout the game. Honourable mentions to Adam Winter and Alex Rogan for consistently strong form throughout the game and a high service reception average.



The AUVC Reserve Women took on Austral this week. AUVC came out pretty flat in sets 1 and 2, committing hitting, serving and communication errors throughout both sets allowing Austral to win those sets 25-20 and 25-18. 

Sets 3 and 4 the girls came out and started playing like they know they can, putting in strong serves and not giving away free points. Our blocking was very strong, getting multiple kill blocks and preventing their offence from winning any points. AUVC won these sets 25-9 and 25-10. The fourth set saw an incredible service run of 18 straight points from Rebecca Larizza where she picked their serve receive apart.

Set 5 AUVC came out with all the momentum but constantly gave away free points. 6 service errors (5 of which were first serves) along with multiple hitting errors gave them set and game away to Austral who won 15-11

Despite the disappointing performance in the 5th set, the girls did well to fight back the way they did, not letting the first two sets beat them. Honourable mention this week goes again to Charlene Bowering who had a number of kill blocks and probably the most points hitting out of middle all year. MVP goes to Rebecca Larizza who had that absolutely ridiculous service run in the 4th set as well as providing a great all around game passing and hitting.



A great win for us in four against a very good Austral side. We needed to win this game to keep our final hopes alive and we did just that. After winning the first set 27-25, then losing the second set 25-12. We did very well to come out strong and played our style of volleyball in the next two sets to get the job done. The third set score was 25-15 and the fourth set score was 25-20. After the third set we never looked like losing and played very well. 

Great performance from the guys and it's great to see them improving as a team each game this season.

Honourable mentions go to Oliver Pyke with some big blocks and strong hitting and also Max Davis for making a huge impact on the game when needed. The MVP for this week goes to Tom Barone for a very good passing game and amazing defensive work.






The Div 1 Mens played an incredible game this week with a solid 3-0 win over Austral.

The first set was won pretty convincingly, we started with a strong rotation stacked towards setting up a solid offence. With Austral being much weaker at the net we were able to take control easily. Passing needed to be on point at this stage which was difficult as our main defensive players were starting off, Jarrad was notably able to keep the defence and serve receive at a good level.

The next set we faced a stronger net side from Austral, so James and Oscar were brought into the passing lineup to improve our defence. We were able to get in some excellent runs in the middle with both Dan and Brad, and we took out the set. The final set gave Bo and James the opportunity at the net to have a hit. It was a nail biter and it came very very close, reaching 29-27.

Alexei, Matt and Cat were able to set up very solid blocks throughout the game, and with them, we were able to run a devastating offence.This was one of those weeks where almost everyone played an outstanding game so it was difficult to choose an MVP, so I wrote a bit about everyone:


Matt Rayner - Excellent blocking and offensive pressure
Alexei - Confident hitting and outstanding on-court leadership
Oscar - The defensive wizard
Cat - Strong blocking, great passing
Jarrad - Excellent positioning and very good defensive touches
James - Good passing and serving under pressure
Dan - Great runs through the middle and smart blocking
Brad - Brad’s Famous 5 Point Serving Runs - Guaranteed 1 Per Game! (patent pending)
Bo - Excellent passing as always
Adam - Fantastic setting options, with the occasional successful tip


MVP ultimately goes to Alexei, with honourable mentions to everyone.

This is essentially the first season for this team playing together. It can be difficult with such a diverse range of players with a wide variety of experience. It was easily one of the best games we have played together and I couldn’t be more proud. As a team we are expecting similar successes for the rest of this season.



Div 2 Men played against South Adelaide this week and unfortunately lost 2-1. This week we only had 6 players so working hard and playing as a team was crucial to the success of the game. The lads came out firing and won the first set 25 – 20. The second set we lost 20 – 25. After the second set the boys did drop their heads and ended up losing 25 – 19. It was a very close loss and a great game.

MVP goes to Peter this week for consistent hitting and week in week out coming to the games ready to play, acknowledging when he’s messed up and having respect for his teammates and his club.

Honourable mentions go to Winston and Bo for making every effort on court, never giving up and making smart decisions.