SA State League Match Reports: Round 11


HENLEY def AUVC (3-1)

The League Men played Henley on Monday and lost 3-1.  Both teams showed excellent volleyball throughout however Henley were able to maintain that excellence for longer periods than the AU men.

Honourable mentions to Trent Woodward for his second set performance in which he found a huge number of 1 on 1 plays and Brodie Jackson for putting away balls at key points throughout the match

Mvp this week goes to Adam Winter for a consistently strong performance throughout.  


AUVC def USC LION (3-1)

The AUVC Women took on USC this week. With AUVC currently sitting number 5 on the ladder this was an important match to win.

In the first set AUVC was able to put up a strong block and consistent pressure from our serve to take the set comfortably 25-20.

Second set AUVC again took and held a lead throughout the majority of the game, but towards the end of the set, USC was able to go on some strong service runs to take the lead and the set 25-21.

Third and fourth set AUVC had a much stronger serve receive, preventing any major runs from USC. We were also able to go on multiple service runs ourselves resulting in a 25-20 third set win and an even easier 25-11 fourth set win to finish the match off.

Honourable mention for this game goes to Charlene Bowering for putting up a solid block throughout the match and also being able to run an excellent transition offence out of the middle with a new setter.

MVP goes to Josie Campbell who played excellently in her first game setting, it looked like she had been playing setter for years.


USC LION def AUVC (3-1)

Unfortunately no match report was available at time of publishing.


AUVC def USC LION (3-0)

The division 1 women were victorious in a 3 set game against USC Lion this week. Although a number of players were missing from the squad and a few players were in new positions/rotations, the team played extremely well together and morale was high.

Good defensive positioning and quick movements and decision-making in the backcourt meant that we could pick up anything that USC threw at us. This ultimately gave us the edge, and helped us win all 3 sets convincingly.

Honourable mentions go to Amelia Nitschke for a consistently unbeatable offence, and to Eline Baudet for defensive effort and a strong offense through the middle.

The MVP for this round goes to Jasmine Weisbrodt for an outstanding performace across all aspects of the game, notably performing countless perfect passes in defence and serve reception.


USC LION def AUVC (3-0)

Div 1 Mens went down 3 - 0 this week against USC. After some confusion about rules concerning taped shirts, the men found themselves at a 3 point deficit at the start of each set.

It was naturally difficult to fight back from the 3 point handicap, however in each set the team was able to break even at least once. We struggled to hold serve and occasional lapses in serve receive let USC get ahead towards the end of each set. Still a very strong showing from the boys, this week showed glimpses of what we are capable of.

Hitting and blocking looked very good, Adam Bowering played down from reserves as setter and did a great job setting up an offence. 

Honourable mentions to Oscar Estrada and James Brooks in their assistance in setting up and playing a strong backcourt.

MVP goes to Jarrad Newbold for his consistent serve receive and scrambling.


AUVC draw MT LOFTY (1-1)

This week Div 2 played against Mount Lofty resulting in a draw. The boys were up 21-24 in the last set and unfortunately weren’t able to win the last point to win a second set.

To their credit the boys never dropped their heads even when down in score. When their intensity and support of each other was up they really showed their ability on court.

MVP(s) this week are Brad Pedler and Winston Anto. Brad for playing back court whilst being a middle as well as jumping into pass/hit with absolute composure and competence. His passing and decision making were an asset to the team. Winston’s MVP is for a second week playing backcourt whilst in middle and absolutely nailing it, knowing it isn’t something he usually does but putting in 100% in backcourt was awesome to watch.

Special mention to every lad on court, I am very proud have witnessed everyone shake a few lost points off and get move onto getting a run of their own.