SA State League Match Reports: Round 14



AUVC played USC this week and lost 3 sets to 1. AUVC had the potential to win however unfortunately did not play at a high enough level throughout the game to win. Tom Mansfield and Adam Winter had some success with their top spins serves this week however it was not enough to get us over the line. MVP this week to Adam Winter for strong serve and serve receive. Hon. Mentions to Trent Woodward for consistent setting throughout and 0 doubles throughout the game and Alex Rogan for consistent Serve Receive and Defensive leadership throughout the game



This round AUVC reserve women took on the Northern Knights. The Knights beat us first round and we were looking to avenge that loss.

In the first set it was a close affair, with AUVC keeping a slim lead through the first part of the game. The knights managed to slowly claw back and take the lead at the end of the set and took it 25-22.

The second set AUVC were looking to have a stronger defensive set and pick up a few more hits to get back into the game. The knights ended up going on a few strong serving runs though that took the early lead and kept in for a 25-17 win.

The third set had a bit of a collapse for AUVC, allowing the Knights to go on multiple large service runs. The knights took the set easily 25-12.

Unfortunately, AUVC was not able to take this second meeting with the Knights and had a bit of a collapse at the end, for not our best showing. Honourable mention goes to Josie Campbell for made a lot of sets work despite our poor passing. MVP goes to Chloe Emery who filled in admirable at Middle, getting outside for blocks and having a solid transition offence as well.



A convince win in three against the Knights. We were expecting a very scrappy game and went out there making sure not to get sucked into that type of volleyball by the knights. The first set we did not play the volleyball we set out to play and got drawn in to the knights style of volleyball. We scrapped away to take the first set in a very unconvincing 27-25. Disappointed by our performance, the guys knew they would have to step it up and play our own standard of volleyball to take this game in a convincing manner. They did just that taking the next two sets quite easy, 25-12 in the second and even when the knights played some very good defence, we still took the set 25-21.

A shaky start, but solid 3-0 finish, which is very helpful as we sit in 5th place now just outside the top 4 to play finals. 

Honourable mention goes to Oscar Harper for great presence at the net. The MVP for this week goes to Jade Walsh for solid offence throughout the game.



Match report unavailable



The Div 1 team faced off against Knights this week at Kensington. We had beaten them in the past and headed into the match confident that we would win. Our focus starting off was to play our game and not let ourselves down in passing and defence.

We were able to take the first 2 sets quite easily. We played this week without a Libero so our middles Dan and Brad were required to pass and play defence the game. We were able to beat the Knights almost every time at the net with our much stronger offence and blocking. Kris was again working very well with Matt, whose back and front court runs are becoming a real asset to the team.

The 3rd set we made a few changes to the rotation, and a few stretches of complacency let Knights get ahead and take the set. However the 4th and final set we put our foot down and won with a convincing lead. It was unfortunate that we let a set slip by us as we knew we were able to win in 3, however generally the team played very well together. This week was an opportunity for our hitters to try some new things, there were a few excellent combos organised by Alexei and some great runs through the middle.

MVP this week goes to Alexei, whose consistent hitting has been unparalleled the entire season. Honourable mentions to Dan Emery and Brad who were required to play backcourt for the first time this season and who both passed excellently. A very dishonourable mention to Matt Rayner who for some reason, after Knights had looped a ball very obviously out of court, and after hearing me scream “out” about 1m away from him on the sidelines, decided to run over and very deliberately smack the ball into the wall. The next few weeks we’ll be running some drills that target “thinking”.



The div 2 Men played Knights this week and unfortunately lost. The lads continue to play really well each week with little breaks due to lack of players. We started off with Winston and Monty in middles and Pete in opposite. It became evident that everyone was uncomfortable with the change of routine so next set Pete went back to middles and the intensity of the game lifted.

An extraordinary effort from everyone on court. Communicating efficiently and staying positive and supportive of their team mates. This week, MVP goes to Leon this week as he had a very consistent pass and serve and he was making every effort to effectively and offensively use the ball every opportunity he got. Special mentions to Pete for playing opposite like a pro and Monty for stepping up and taking control of the back court.