SA State League Match Reports: Round 15



Lm played South for the third time of the season this week. AUVC men were able to match south in serve and serve receive, however, unfortunately, were unable to keep up with South in transition play. Ultimately we lost 3-1.

Hon mentions this week to Alex Rogan and Adam Winter for strong serve receive and defensive control. Mvp to Trent Woodward this week for a consistently strong performance throughout



Adelaide University Reserve Women took on Henley for the third time this year. Having come out on top the first 2 meetings we were keen to get the season sweep. 

The first set stayed relatively close, with serving errors from both sides keeping either team from developing much of a lead. AUVC was able to slowly gain a lead and hold it to win the set 25-21.

Second and Third set AUVC came out putting the pressure on Henley with strong serving and outside hitting. The pressure they put on Henley was noticeable and Henley was unable to come up with a defence. AUVC won the 2nd and third set easily 25-15 and 25-10 respectively.

Honourable mention this week goes to Rebecca Larizza for having another strong all around game, with strong service runs, solid defence, and a consistent attack. Our passing was solid this week but didn't allow us to run our middle the way we wanted to. Despite this, Peytan Zanck was able to make a large impact through incredible serving, and solid blocking which is why she gets MVP this week.



A great win against Henley on the weekend. It was a must win game to keep our season alive.

We started off the complete opposite way, struggling to find any momentum or rhythm throughout the set and lost convincingly 25-16. 

But in classic 'US' fashion, we came back really strong in the second set, showing how we play volleyball and winning 25-12. 

The third and the fourth set were very close and went point for point for most of it. But the guys pushed hard when they had to and took both the sets 25-23. Even when the guys were down they never looked like letting Henley get away. 

A solid 3-1 finish to put us into the top 4 with one game left. 

Honourable mention goes to Brodie Jackson for being strong through the middle both blocking and attacking. The MVP for this week goes to Max Davis for stepping up offensively in the crucial part of the game.



This week the Div girls took on henley hawks!

The girls pulled together with a strong start to the game, taking the first two sets. However entering the third, unfortunately, we let the Hawks take a set off us. The girls regrouped, and pulled together a strong defence and took the game in the fourth set defeating the hawks 3-1.

This week was super hard picking a MVP because all the girls did a fantastic job! However MVP does go to Tori and Annika. Honourable mention goes to Rachael for a strong offensive game



Div 1 Mens played Henley this week in a tight 5 setter, which we just fell short of taking. We had Roy playing up for Div 2 to fill in as our setter.

The first set did not go well, we were not able to get in a good warm up and as a result Henley took a large lead early on. There was a severe lack of communication on court and we lost the set 25 - 11. This set highlighted how important it us for us to get into the right mindset early on.

The second set we changed up the rotation a bit, getting Alexei to set backcourt alongside Roy. This was probably the best set of the match, with both teams playing at some of the highest level I’ve seen, could be confused with a reserves game. James was playing out of his skin the entire set, being able to win a point off almost every ball set to him.

As the match progressed, Henley took out the 3rd set and we responded by taking the 4th. It was a hard fought match and I could sense that it would end up in a 5 setter. 

We lost the final set 15 - 12, mainly due to a couple of small errors in serve receive and hitting. There were some excellent points though where we scrambled like madmen to get the ball back over, Oscar again showing he is a wizard in the backcourt. Special mention to Matt Rayner for hitting one of the biggest cross court balls I’ve ever seen right on the cross attack line T.

MVP for the match goes to James, he really stepped up his game this week, consistently hitting kills and winning blocks throughout the entire match. Combined with his always consistent passing and defence, he has quickly become a real asset to the team. Honourable mention to Roy for playing a very solid game playing up from Div 2.



The div 2 Men played Kenya this week and won. The lads continue to play really well each week with little breaks due to lack of players. The game began with 5 players on the opposing team which made it confusing for AU but the lads managed to play their own game and come out on top.  

An extraordinary effort from everyone on court. Communicating efficiently and staying positive and supportive of their team mates. MVP goes to Roy this week as he continues to make smart decisions with his setting, incorporating more tips in front court and keeping track of his positioning and of those around him. Special mention goes to Pete for his great tip and block cover.